Zig Ziglar

Failure Is An Event, Not A Person

Failure Is An Event, Not A Person

How many of us have failed at something this past week? i know i did! We were blessed to have all of our family home with us for the Thanksgiving holiday. Four households and four generations converging for a special time together. Four households and four generations with different perspectives and different ways of doing things. Viva la difference, right? Well, after a while, i somehow lost all that holiday spirit, got turned sideways by those quirky differences, and my impatience began to grow until it boiled over. Now remember, i’m the proud patriarch of this “quirky” clan, so that’s not supposed to happen to me.  i’m supposed to act like the godly leader of this tribe. After all, i’m the chief “quirk”! So, at that moment, i was faced with three choices:

  1. i could try to justify my “impatience” as righteous indignation and attempt to bully everyone else into submitting to my way, or

  2. i could allow my reaction to define me and resign myself to be a failure as a godly leader and father, and sulk in my condition, or

  3. i could acknowledge that my reaction was wrong, learn from it and make an adjustment in my attitude and actions going forward.

Then on Sunday….