Through the Eyes of a Shepherd

Jesus Will Still Be There

Jesus Will Still Be There

This week has been filled with special memories for our family. Our second grandson was born at 6:09AM Sunday morning. All seven pounds fourteen ounces of him! i can’t think of a better way to start a week than to welcome a new life into your family. 

Kenton was scheduled to arrive on Tuesday. The doctor was scheduled. The delivery room was reserved. Our daughter’s bag was packed. But someone forgot to tell our grandson. But no fear – he didn’t arrive early. He arrived right on time! It was the rest of us that were off on our calendars.

My wife and i received that middle of the night call and quickly made the two hour drive to be here. As we were driving, the song “Jesus Will Still Be There” (lyrics below) by Selah came up on my playlist. 

As i listened to the lyrics of the song, i couldn’t help but be struck by this idea. “Kenton, today is the first day of your life outside the womb. And if there was one word i would tell you and your older brother to hold onto every moment of every day of your life, it would be just that – Jesus will still be there….